Total Number of Employees: 100

        (1) Production: 45

        (2) Engineering: 35

        (3) Administration: 20

Available Capacity: (sub-contractor's capacity included)

        (1) Design - 13,000 man hours/month

        (2) Manufacturing - 45,000 man hours/month

        (3) SytemControl - 6,000 man hours/month

        (4) Robot - 4,000 man hours/month



Workshop Area:

       Main Plant (Seki City): 121,632 Sq. Feet




CAD Systems Type of CAD Version
UniGraphics(NX) 3D Design NX5`11
CATIA V5 2D/3D Design R19`R2014
Inventer 2D/3D Design 2010`17
AutoCAD 2D Design LT2004`2017
I-GRIP/USPOT Robot Simulation D5 R16
ROBCAD Robot Simulation 9.1



  Our state of the art Temperature Controlled CMM Rooms have the capacity of measuring an entire BIW or any size hard tool fixture in a controlled environment that can imitate the conditions of our customers' plant floor.




  FAS applies different inspection resources for manufacturing new equipment, inspection of prototype, reverse engineering, etc. Depending on the customer needs, the best solution is follow to ensure high quality and faster inspection time.

  Today's market demands the highest quality from the products of our customers and we are committed to provide them with systems that will deliver just that.


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