From single cell sub-assemblies to entire body shops FAS provides a rich experience to all our customers.

From low volume, manual assembly systems to high volume, flexible assembly systems FAS' work can be seen in many of the world's automotive manufacturing plants.

From compact car assembly lines to commercial truck assembly lines, FAS has shared its experience with companies on all the continents successfully meeting and exceeding our customers requirements and expectations.


Encouraged by our customers FAS expanded its business portfolio to include mig welding assembly systems.

Focused on the needs of our customers, FAS developed into a reliable mig welding systems provider.

Whether you need a mig welded frame assembly system or perhaps a front or rear cross member assembly system FAS is the partner that can take you to success.



Following a natural process resulted from our vast experience in BIW (Body In White) assembly systems, FAS developed into the General Assembly Systems arena.

Understanding flexibility and the need for high quality, reliable and maintainable assembly systems, we successfully applied valuable lessons learned from BIW Assembly Systems, to the conceptual development and the manufacturing of General Assembly Equipment.

Today we stand as a solid and valuable General Assembly supplier to our esteemed customers worldwide.



  We take great pride in listening to our customers and trying to develop solutions for their production challenges. One such challenge was presented by the shortcomings of the traditional hydraulic hemming press. To meet this challenge FAS developed an electric hemming press which operates on a reduced real estate, presents reduced weight, its clean , easily maintainable and cost efficient.

Compared to the traditional hydraulic press it uses no oil, makes much less noise and it has 1/4 of the electricity consumption.


  In today's global automotive market the need for more diversity of product at lower volumes brought about the Robot Roller Hemming technology.



  When talking about a global economy FAS does not merely advertise its world over reach and experience but we back our claim with innovative products that seek to reduce shipping, maintenance and manufacturing costs together with technical and quality improvements. The PPS Angle Bracket is the result of such an endeavor.

- Patent No. US US006171540B1

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