Tomoaki Hirano

Manufacturing Department, Assembly Section, Mechanic staff

Since 2014 / 29 years old / Automobile Technical College (A-TEC)

Tomoaki Hirano

How was your student life?

I was just playing.

What brought you to join the company?

It is because I wanted to do car-related work and welding.
Tomoaki Hirano

What was the decisive factor for your job selection, before joining the company?

As mentioned above, it was centered on "work related to cars."

What is your current job?

It is mainly welding work.
Tomoaki Hirano

What is the unique charm of this company?

Each welding work content is different, so there is new learning and discovery every day.
It is a company with daily growth opportunities.

How do you realize what you wanted to do?

I wanted to weld and assemble, I joined, now I am doing welding work as I wanted.
Tomoaki Hirano

What do you take care of when you work?

To do my job right, I need to be patient.
I always work thinking about how to do my job best.

What do you want to realize at work?

I would like to master welding, machining, machining etc.
Tomoaki Hirano

What is your future vision?

I need to firmly remember the flow of work, then I want to be able to teach others someday.

How are the employees of this company?

There are many tough people.
Tomoaki Hirano

Please share some challenges and successes felt at work.

I feel worthwhile when the systems we make work precisely and manufacture cars both, in Japan, and abroad.

What is required of new recruits?

A person with good communication skills.

A word to all the students!

When choosing a company, go for one which really suits you. Don’t go with the mindset "Well this is ok for now".
I think that it is good to investigate what companies are exactly the kind of company you are looking for.

Who do you respect in the work?

Definitely my boss. He constantly thinks considering various points of view and that is how he works efficiently. He is amazing.
I will do my best to be able to do the same.

What is the point you most like in your job?

I like welding.

What did you enjoy when you were a student?

To play and to go fishing.

What do you utilize in your current job from your school experiences?

I think that I played enough when I was a student. Now I am able to concentrate on my work.

Please tell me a mistake.

Working in a hurry; you tend to make a mistake on welding.
I try to work calmly as much as possible so that there is no mistake.

Work flow of the day

8: 00 Morning meeting, meeting
9: 00 Welding operation (assembly, processing)
12: 10 Lunch, break
13: 00 Welding operation (assembly, processing)
17:00 Hurry and go home if there is no work

Interview date: 2017