Akito Hatano

Engineering department, Second Design Section staff

Since 2014 / 25 years old / Chubu University-Mechanical Engineering

Akito Hatano

How was your student life?

I liked to challenge myself, I had a positive mentality and I did everything that I thought worthy doing.

What brought you to join the company?

Because I wanted to work on the design things I studied at university.
I was interested in the process of mass production of automobiles.
Akito Hatano

What was the decisive factor for your job selection, before joining the company?

My point was:"As a designer, I want to make things from scratch" .

What is your current job?

We are designing jigs for automobile manufacturers both in Japan and abroad.
Akito Hatano

What is the unique charm of this company?

Because there are many deals with overseas automobile manufacturers, it is possible to work globally not only in Japan.

How do you realize what you wanted to do?

As a designer I wanted to make things from scratch, so my current job leads to what I wanted to do.
First I make drawings in my head, and in the end, my own drawings are involved in mass production of automobiles.
Akito Hatano

What do you take care of when you work?

Because I am not working alone,I try to work carefully about the post process.

What do you want to realize at work?

It is to make drawings that are acceptable from anyone.
Akito Hatano

How are the employees of this company?

When you are in trouble they provide advice and help.
At first impression some people seem distant and cold without direct engagement,I think that they do care about you somehow.
Akito Hatano

Please share some challenges and successes felt at work.

The drawing I drew became an actual thing, and it was rewarding to see it lined up in the customer's factory.

What is required of new recruits?

Motivation, smartness.

A word to all the students!

Let's challenge everything!

What is the point you most like in your job?

Drawings. I feel like crazy when drawing drawings.

What did you enjoy when you were a student?

It is fishing and snowboarding. (If you have the same hobby, please come.)

What do you utilize in your current job from your school experiences?

I used to draw drawings to make fishing lures.
At that time I found out how interesting it is to plan things in my head and then make it actually have form.

Please tell me a mistake.

Due to lack of re-checking my work, expensive parts had to be rebuilt.

Work flow of the day

8: 00 Morning assembly, email check >> instructions to suppliers >> On-site response
9:00 Drawing creation etc.
12:00 Lunch, break
13:00 Drawing creation etc.
17:00 Return home after work

Interview date: 2017