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Company Name: Fuji Assembly Systems, Inc.
Date founded: July, 2000
President and
Representative Director:
Hirohito Watanabe
Number of employees: 120
Capital: 60 Million yen
Amount of sales: 5,3 Billion yen
Head Office: 71 SHIN HAZAMA, SEKI, GIFU 501-3923, JAPAN.
Mar. 1961:
Establishment of Hiramatsu Kikai Seisakusho
Jul. 2000:
Establishment of Hiramatsu, INC.
Apr. 2002:
Renewal of company name to Fuji Assembly Systems, INC.
Sep. 2003:
Acquirement of QS9000-TE
Dec. 2003:
Opening of Plant No.3.
Jun. 2005:
Opening of Plant No.4.
Jun. 2006:
Acquirement of ISO9001
Apr. 2010
Establishment of Fuji Guangzhou Assembly Systems, Co., Ltd. (110 Employees.)
Aug. 2017
Establishment of Fuji Kun Shan Assembly Systems, Co., Ltd.
Our group company: China:
Fuji Guangzhou Assembly Systems, Co., Ltd.
Fuji Kun Shan Assembly Systems, Co., Ltd.

Fuji Assembly Systems, LLC.
Our Clients: Isuzu Motors Limited
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Toyota Auto Body Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc.
Toyota Industries Corporation
Subaru Corporation
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Hino Motors, Ltd.
Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd.
H-One Co., Ltd.
G-Tekt Corporation
Sankei Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Bellsonica Corporation
Toa Industries Co.,Ltd.
Fukai Mfg Co., Ltd.
Shinmei Industry Co.,Ltd.
Taiho Seiki Co.,Ltd.
Subaru Of Indiana Automotive (USA)
Estampados Magna De Mexico (Mexico)
General Motors Company (Argentina)
General Motors Company (Brazil)
Geely Automobile (China)
S.N.O.P (France)