About new graduate recruitment

I am already a graduate but is it possible to apply?
Anyone can do it.
I have a foreign nationality. Is it possible to apply?
Anyone can do it. Since we are expanding overseas, we have enrolled a large number of foreign national employees.
Is your company hiring only on April 1st?
All applications are reviewed individually and take in account any given personal circumstances.
I will graduate in September, is it possible to apply?
Of course, it is possible.
I'm from outside the Gifu prefecture, is it possible to get a job?
Is possible. There is a single dormitory so it is not a problem even if you are from a distant place.
Besides Gifu neighborhood prefecture, we have received applications from all over the country including Hokuriku and Okinawa.
In the recruitment examination, what kind of things do you emphasize?
Because we will be working on a project basis, we place importance on personality and cooperativeness.
Are there any advantages / disadvantages if I have/ don't have a graduate degree or undergraduate degree based on the type of work I apply for?
Not at all. We are evaluating based on employee ability and performance.
For example a senior employee who joined the company after graduating from college, was promoted as chief after 5 years and again promoted to section manager after 10 years.
Does recruitment differ between four-year college graduates and college graduates?
Is the same.
I am studying abroad at universities / graduate schools, can I apply?
Of course, it is possible.
Are there any qualifications that will be advantageous to have?
Those who have professional qualifications will receive preferential treatment.

> Completion of forklift driving skills course
> Completion of rigging skill course
> Completion of floor operation type crane operation skill course
> Gas welding skill training
> Completion of skill training of organic solvent work chief
> Arc welding special education
> Completion of special education on grinding wheels
> etc.
Is there an internship program?
We do not have it, but we will respond to your request. Please contact us by "contact form" of our homepage or phone:(+81) 575 21 6001.
I would like to visit a former schoolmate and ask how they are doing at work. Is it possible?
It is possible. We will respond if requested.
I would like to visit the company. Is it possible?
It is possible if you contact us in advance. Please contact us by contact form or phone:(+81) 575 21 6001.
My entry time to the company will be on "____", but can I apply?
Of course, it is possible. We will accommodate individual circumstances as much as possible.
Is there any age restriction?
Nothing in particular.

About Mid-way recruitment
(career recruitment)

Is there a reception time to apply for career recruitment?
We accept at any time.
Is it possible to apply from different industries?
Of course, it is possible.
Many people have joined Fuji Assembly Systems from different industries.
Are there any educational background or gender restrictions?
Nothing in particular.
Is there any age restriction?
Up to the age of 64, the upper limit of the retirement age.
Those who exceed the retirement age, will be corresponded individually.

After joining our company

Please tell me how you will be assigning new employees.
First of all you will be assigned to the department you want.
Afterwards, department transfers are also possible taking into account suitability.
When you will transfer or relocate me?
Basically there is no transfer / relocation. Changes are possible only if YOU want it.
Please tell me about the training system.
For new graduates, experienced people will respond one to one man for one year.
In addition, you will have a chance to deepen your understanding of our products by participating in professional education at each department, on-site practical training, exhibitions, etc., and participate in human formation training.

Those who are recruited mid-career, will be evaluated individually from past experiences and we will respond accordingly.
Is it possible to request assignment / place of work? (How is assignment determined?)
We will consider your own request in first place.

About company

What is the average age of employees?
42 years old.
Please tell me the ratio of male and female employees.
Male 9:Female 1.
As some labor requires heavy lifting or above average strength the ratio of men is larger.
Do you have any attire requirements?
We have a uniform.
What is the atmosphere like at work?
With the sharp focus, employees work in cooperation with each other.
What kind of person is the president?
He is a humanist. He values people.

About Welfare system

Do you have a system that takes into consideration work-life balance?
We are encouraging paid leave system and substitute holiday system.
Is there a dormitory or housing allowance?
There is a single dormitory of the company. There is no housing allowance.
Please tell me about the environment where women work. Can I work even after marriage or childbirth?
There are childcare / nursing care leave regulations. It is actually operated according to regulations.
Please be assured, you can work even after giving birth.