FUJI ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS, INC. is a design and manufacturing supplier of automobile assembly lines with a history of more than 50 years since its foundation.

It is called FAS (the initials of English writing), by both, customers and employees of the company.

In line with the automobile manufacturers that are producing their products globally, we have also advanced to various countries around the world and have delivered our products. All our equipments are custom made, mainly for automobile body welding equipment, we provide car body assembling equipments, welding jigs, etc.

Join us and enjoy the automobile industry, in Japan and in the world.

What we expect from you

> Global success
In Fuji Assembly System, not only the sales staff are engaged in overseas automobile manufacturers, but also engineers will be as well involved in the delivery and launch of local automobile plants.
80% of our employees have passports, 70% have overseas experience. Overseas business trips are routine for us!
The period of overseas business trip is about one week or longer. Threre has been a case of a freshman who went abroad in his first year of joining the company and supported the launch at the customer's facility.

We welcome people who can speak languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, but usualy there is an interpreter on site so don't worry if you can not speak those!
You aren't good at English, but you want to work abroad? Do you want to learn foreign languages ​​from now? This is a great opportunity for you.

> Attitude to try and learn with motivation
In Fuji Assembly Systems, basically you won't be transferred to other departments, althought it is also possible to transfer after consultation, if you want.
Because we produce custom made products, we never make the same equipment twice. Also, as new technologies are rapidly emerging, a lifelong study attitude is required. It is important to have a motivating attitude to both listen to seniors and study on your own.

Personality desired

In Fuji Assembly Systems, we will proceed with our work as an organization that creates one piece of equipment.
Therefore, although "personality" is of great importance, we are looking for those people who can communicate promptly with others involved in the work, regardless of whether they are in the company or outside the company. It is essential to work well within a team and coordinate with the people around.

In addition, we will promote people with competence regardless of academic background and years of employment, so if you have the motivation to "Learn", you have an opportunity to be promoted very fast. Sometimes one could get to an important position being young. (For example, joined as college graduate, chief in 5 years, promoted to section manager in 10 years ... etc.)
Come to our company and extend your possibilities!

> Those who like cars
> Those who like mechanics (robot) and drawings
> Ability to act positively with ambition
> Those who can work together in cooperation with the surrounding people
> Interested in global work