Fumiaki Hayase

Sales Department, Sales Engineering Section Assistant manager

Since 2012 / 50 years old / San Diego International University

Fumiaki Hayase

How was your student life?

After studying international economics at japanese university, I studied international relations theory in the United States.
My parents wanted me to be a researcher, but I felt that it was not for me, then I returned to Japan.

What brought you to join the company?

Originally I was working as an interpreter for a manufacturer who was a supplier connected to FAS (Fuji Assembly System)'s overseas projects. I accumulated experience in relation with overseas customers, including technology knowledge.
When the company was dismantled, I joined FAS.
Fumiaki Hayase

What was the decisive factor for your job selection, before joining the company?

I was thinking about making use of the English acquired in USA.
I never thought that I would be going to enter the sales department of a manufacturing company related to vehicles.

What is your current job?

I make technical proposal and quotation of welding line as part of the sales department, plan and adjust the project schedule and budget, communicate with customers as well as internal deployment.
Fumiaki Hayase

What is the unique charm of this company?

As this job is highly involved in planning and launching vehicle production lines that are always required to improve, it will never be a boring work routine.
Also, being involved in making a car is fun.

How do you realize what you wanted to do?

I am excited that the line will be completed according to the business plan and execution I participated in making.
Also, by accumulating experience, it has become possible to prepare a business plan based on the life-work balance cosnidering my family. (There is company support.)
Fumiaki Hayase

What do you take care of when you work?

I had a heart attack in January 2017 and caused cardiopulmonary arrest, but I was able to return to my work after 3 months.
After that, I feel that it is important not to overload jobs and to share work information with my team in case of emergency.

What do you want to realize at work?

Realization of satisfactory line for the customer and maintain profit.
I would like to aim for a WIN-WIN relationship between us and customer.
Fumiaki Hayase

What is your future vision?

The goal is to realize a line with high satisfaction and high profitability.
Also I would like to prepare an environment that allows a quick 3D layout review from the initial review stage at the time of estimation, even in sales department.

How are the employees of this company?

Experienced persons have craftsmen spirit and they make plans and carry out duties by themselves , whereas young people are forward-looking and obedient. Everyone is friendly if you speak to them.
Fumiaki Hayase

Please share some challenges and successes felt at work.

Initial study when getting involved in a project.
When the line starts up without any problem with line speed or layout, I feel that my review was useful and I'm glad.

What is required of new recruits?

To not be afraid of the challenge of doing new things.
Challenge without fear, and your interest and talent that you did not even know may bloom.

A word to all the students!

It may be a world that experiences and achievements of the school days are not valid, but please take it as an opportunity.

Who do you respect in the work?

President of the previous company ...... He was an equally severe person to everyone, including to myself. I learned the attitude toward work from him.
President of this company ... ... He is a visionary person.
Sales manager of this company... .... He taught me patiently about techniques of quoting.

What is the point you most like in your job?

To make schedule and budget according to circumstances, and make it progress toward the goal.
There is almost no feeling of being forced to carry out things. The feeling that I'm moving the business myself is very satisfactory.
We support each other in the department and as well in other departments.

What did you enjoy when you were a student?

When I was in the United States, out of necessity I was summarizing the words I did not know in a note,
and it became thick like a phone book.
It was fun to become familiar with things I didn't know before.

What do you utilize in your current job from your school experiences?

In abroad, no one will help you if you keep silent.
In order to achieve something you need to plan, practice and broadcast yourself.
I feel that this is the same in a company.

Please tell me a mistake.

Someone said Negative opinion against the company during a time of on-site construction, and I just joined to that movement.
I should have proposed a counter-plan in constructive terms after clarifying the problem.

Work flow of the day

8:00 Start business with morning meeting. Mail check / work plan / report / adjust / instruct.
9:00 Perform a main task such as estimate, project planning / execution, etc.
12:10 Lunch / break
12:50 Business restarted. Proceed with work while coordinating with the person in charge.
17:00 Confirm that there is no missing or planned omission, and the work ends.

Interview date: 2017