Takanori Nagai

System Control Department, Control Section Assistant manager

Since 2004 / 40 years old / Daido University Engineering-Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Takanori Nagai

How was your student life?

It was dedicated to pimp my car, and guitar and bass every day.
Of course, I went school properly. To the degree not to retire, though. (Laugh)
In the evening I spent time for hobbies and I was working part-time on Weekends

What brought you to join the company?

I went to some company briefing sessions of others, but I didn't like those.
When I was watching the website of various companies on my PC,
I found Fuji assembly systems.
Takanori Nagai

What was the decisive factor for your job selection, before joining the company?

I liked cars, so I was looking for companies involved in cars.
I am not good at places with many people like in Nagoya, and neither crowded trains, so the location was just right.

What is your current job?

Design of electric circuit using pc. We will order it to the supplier and request production of the control panel etc. We also design the facility program meanwhile they are in production of the control panel.
Once the equipment is assembled, I input the designed program to it and confirm the operation, and complete the equipment to make the car.
Takanori Nagai

What is the unique charm of this company?

Since I am involved from design to production, completion, there is a sense of accomplishment when the equipment moves!
Also, it is unlikely to make the same system twice, so we have new discoveries every time.
I love the "trial and error" process of facility making!

How do you realize what you wanted to do?

There was nothing especially I wanted to do.
I joined the company and touched the equipment that I never heard at all,
It was fun to clear the challenges from seniors.
From there I became interested in various fields.
Takanori Nagai

What do you take care of when you work?

Not to think alone.
But not just asking everything to others. I try to find out as many patterns as possible and prepare my solutions.

What do you want to realize at work?

I'd love to make something that would be something of a company's property.
For example, the base of a program that anyone can use.
Takanori Nagai

What is your future vision?

I'd buy a Ferrari ....
In terms of work, the goal is to become a person who can be trusted, who everybody would say "I can trust in this guy".

How are the employees of this company?

There are many unique people. Everyone is friendly and interesting.
Everyone is somehow, enthusiast of something ............ Or I'd say, a professional.
Everybody has a thing about something.
Takanori Nagai

Please share some challenges and successes felt at work.

There was a sense of accomplishment when I finished a job I was suddenly assigned.
Thinking things from various angles, designing, doing many times with trial and error ... ....
Then, the moment when I had an inspiration, I felt awesome!

What is required of new recruits?

An inquisitive spirit? I think that one should examine it on his own first.
I can explain the basic things, but that is not everything.

A word to all the students!

People who like to disassemble some little machines or assemble things looking at the instructions may like this job.
In the course of doing, you may be pretty addicted!

Who do you respect in the work?

Its my senior (boss).
Depends on you, on the contrary. It is a holding relationship.

What is the point you most like in your job?

I like because I can consistently do it mainly from design to equipment delivery.
Since I can actually see the place where the car is built in a production factory, I feel like I made big thing.

What did you enjoy when you were a student?

After all it is a car.
I was doing things like installing navigation system to my car .

What do you utilize in your current job from your school experiences?

The wiring work and the knowledge of the PC which I did as hobby, do help.
Among the things I learned at school, electrical laws and so on.

Please tell me a mistake.

Due to a mistake in the design of the electric drawing, the machine was short-circuited and it was broken.
At that time, I asked seniors and they helped me.

Work flow of the day

8: 00 Morning meeting, confirmation of e-mail
9:00 Designing electric diagrams, designing programs
12:00 Lunch (I ordered a box lunch, nutrition balance is good.)
13:00 Meetings of ongoing work and meetings with suppliers
15:00 Confirmation of the assembling status of facilities at the headquarters factory, checking construction method
17:00 Preparing tomorrow's work and going home

Interview date: 2017